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White River Crayfish (Procambarus Acutes Acutes). NJ

New Jersey 
Nature Notes
No longer only New Jersey, 
but anywhere on Earth…and beyond!

We are absolutely passionate about all things of nature, science and the environment, and wish to share that knowledge and passion with you.


Live Webcams

  1. BulletJackson Hole, WY

  2. BulletSabel-palm, TX

  3. BulletYosemite falls LIVE!  

  4. BulletHummingbird cam 

  5. BulletUnderwater live   sealife cam from the Channel Islands

  6. BulletOsprey Nest (in season)

  7. BulletWolf Cams

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This is YOUR Earth.*

Make every day


  1. BulletJoin a nature or environmental group.

  2. BulletPlant a tree.

  3. BulletClean up a stream or field.

  4. BulletWatch birds or butterflies or dragonflies.

  5. BulletTake pictures of flowers, trees and blossoms.

  6. BulletGo on a hike.

  7. BulletTake a child with you when you explore something or somewhere new.

  8. BulletLearn about global warming and how it affects us in New Jersey.

  9. BulletCelebrate the rain or snow.

  10. BulletLearn about wildflowers or butterflies.

  11. BulletLove the change of seasons.

  12. BulletDo something!

  13. BulletLearn something new about nature.

  14. BulletTeach children about nature.

  15. BulletMAKE everyday EARTH DAY!

This is the only Earth we have. There are NO spare parts or warranties…anywhere.

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August 31, 2016 1:21 PM

–Nature Notes News–

* “This is Your Earth” is a phrase we have used since this website began in 2004. Coincidentally, it is also the name of  a book by Gary Ewen and Jane Ann Cantwell. Click HERE to see their wonderful book.

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‎"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." -- John Muir
“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.” 
― Albert Einstein

A magnificent video…”Mountains in Motion”. Watch i!

Please click HERE to see David Attenborough’s GREAT 2 minute video:

“What a Wonderful World.”


"Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter." - Marissa Mayer  (Then I’m a geek, and very proud of it!-Rich)

A stunningly beautiful time-lapse video of NORWAY.

This will make you wish to be there…right now!

The Pale Blue Dot



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From Michio Kaku (so you know this is worth reading!)

"Instead of being overwhelmed by the Universe, I think that perhaps one of the deepest experiences a scientist can have, almost approaching a religious awakening, is to realize that we are children of the stars, and that our minds are capable of understanding the universal laws that they obey. The atoms within our bodies were forged on the anvil of nucleo-synthesis within an exploding star aeons before the birth of the solar system. Our atoms are older than the mountains. We are literally made of star dust. Now these atoms, in turn, have coalesced into intelligent beings capable of understanding the universal laws governing that event." ~ Michio Kaku

Revering the Universe. Caring for Nature. Celebrating Life.

Join the World Pantheist Movement!

From Rich Wolfert (so you might want to read this, too).

Nature, science, and discovery are powerful motivators and attractors that can addict us. We hunger to learn more. We love to see the new…and so often, it's so beautiful that it can bring tears to our eyes, and cause us to sigh deeply in wonder and amazement. The quest for knowledge, the very act of discovery to better know the universe, our planet, nature, and ourselves, feeds upon itself ever so wonderfully. This is another magnificent obsession, our obsession, and most of us would never apologize for how it adds to our lives. I feel that we are the lucky ones.

A message from Mother Nature. This is a very important short video that must be understood by all.


We support and are proud to share photos and timely information from the very excellent



  1. “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe it.”                        -  Neil deGrasse Tyson

• “When I hear of the destruction of a species I feel just as if all the works of some great writer had perished,"

                                - wrote Theodore Roosevelt in a letter to Museum ornithologist Frank Chapman in 1899.

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.                               - David Brower

• "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.

- Attributed as an ancient Native American proverb or as a Kenyan proverb.    

• “When observing nature, chance favors the prepared mind…”                                                   Louis Pasteur, 1854

  1. “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”                             - John Burroughs

  2. Every child is born a naturalist. Their eyes are, by nature, open to the glories of the stars, the beauty of flowers and the mysteries of life.                                                                                                    - R. Search (a pen name)

  3. “When a distinguished scientist states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong”    - Arthur C. Clarke

Tuesday, August 31, 2016

  1. BulletTwo people broke the North American Big Year bird record, and they did it just after mid-year. But how?  audubon 

  2. BulletOur friend Nancy Elwood’s gorgeous album from Costa Rica.  spark 

  3. BulletWhat if every road could also generate electricity? Hmmmm… Sounds like a fabulous idea. California wants to do just that.  ecowatch 

  4. BulletSpace, Climate Change and the Real Meaning of the Theory.  newyorker 

  5. BulletBelieve it or not, some aspects of memories can be passed down through the generations.  soulsurfing 

  6. BulletPesticides are killing our world…and us. Do we really need to be bathing in them?  billmoyers 

  7. BulletThe world’s most mysterious mammal, discovered.  washingtonpost 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

  1. BulletWhen trying to alter the environment, be careful of your actions. Some are very hard to undo. Trying to repair damage done to our (formerly) vast prairies is very difficult.  washingtonpost 

  2. BulletAsian Carp are dangerous invaders to our waters. They will change the ecosystem drastically, and this is very bad for so many reasons. How to fight them? Well, a formerly ‘hated’ fish just might do it for us.  yahoo 

  3. BulletWhat? We’ve found a ‘NEW’ whale species?  newser 


  4. BulletSo many never think of it, but, how much has the Earth changed since the year of your birth? Some would think very little. Here’s the answer:  ecowatch  (lots of information.) And THIS from the bbc. 

  5. BulletThe Great Attractor is real, and it may, one day, destroy our entire galaxy.  space 

  6. BulletReally, what would it take for the U.S. to run entirely on renewable energy?  vox 

  7. BulletHow to become a fabulous wildlife/nature photographer like our friend Charles Glatzer. You always wanted to know, didn’t you?  shutterbug  (lots of GREAT photos)

  8. BulletStephen Hawking now believes that TIME TRAVEL is possible!  sciencevibe 

Friday, August 26, 2016

  1. BulletAn incredibly new technology may significantly improve flight capabilities and fuel economy.  pbs   

  2. BulletHow do birders get an ‘armchair tick’? That’s a new bird on their Life List without going back out into the field?  allaboutbirds 

  3. BulletThe planned killing of a wolf pack because the rancher deliberately set up the events that unfolded. seattletimes 

News Update # 1
"If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go. ... This is the story of our past and it will be the story of our future." - Terry Tempest Williams, author and activist,

A sampling of the MANY photos that appear in the numerous sections of (New Jersey) NATURE NOTES.

Courtesy of the Science Is Awesome Facebook page.

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Eastern Bluebird (male) Forsythe, NWR, NJ

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